Pay-per-click Ads for Dental Clinics

Attract the right type of patients that are looking for a dentist.

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Stop wasting money on advertising that doesn't result in new patients.

Case is a group of Pay-per-click Ads experts that will help your dental practice get the most amount of high-quality, new patients at the best possible price.

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Results Oriented Google Ads

  • Using the newest Google special learning technologies.
  • Leads-focused campaigns
  • Considerations for advertising guidelines of your college or regulatory board.

We Speak the Patients' Language

  • Compelling copy that focuses on clarity.
  • Conversion-optimized landing pages
  • Alignment of copy throughout the patient’s buying cycle.
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Transparent Results

  • The ads account is owned by you, not us.
  • Form submission, and online booking tracking
  • Regular strategic meetings to elevate your results and ensure your expectations are being met.

Help Your Practice Stand Out Among The Crowd.

Dr. Jagatjit Dhillon, Beacon Smiles Dental

After we hired Case, they helped us increase our new patient flow by 50% to 100%. They are a big part of our growth.

Dr. Jagatjit Dhillon, Beacon Smiles Dental

Dental PPC Marketing Campaigns

How our paid advertising strategies
can help your practice grow.

Google Ads is a pay-per-click service that allows you to get in-front of patients who may be searching for dental services. We know that 46% of clicks go to the top three paid ads in Google search results, that’s why we know that Google Ads will help your dental clinic rank at the top of the page, increasing your practice’s digital visibility and helping you reach new patients immediately.

On top of search, Google ads also allow you to advertise your dental clinic on thousands of other sites such as Youtube, Gmail, and various popular sites that people in your community visit. This allows you to get your dental clinic in front of people who are not only actively searching for a dentist or a specific type of dental treatment but also ones that may be considering it soon based on Google’s history. 

Our goal is to always focus on making sure that you get the type of patients you want to work on, while simultaneously spending the least amount of money possible to acquire that patient. We offer multiple PPC for dentists campaigns to meet your needs and your budget. 

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Targeted Locations

Target people who are most likely to visit your office and don't waste unnecessary marketing dollars targeting people that are too far away.

Custom Made Landing Pages

We create tailor-made landing pages for the services that you provide which attract the type of patients you actually want to work with.

What is an appropriate pay-per-click budget for your dental clinic?

Your investment depends on a number of factors:

  • Where your clinic is located in the city
  • How competitive your local region is
  • Your target audience
  • The type of dental treatment you want to advertise
  • Your goals for new patient growth

Using these factors and more, our team at Case can create a strategic pay-per-click campaign that focuses on acquiring high-quality patients at the lowest possible cost per patient.

We’ve been able to help clinics acquire high quality patients for as little as $52 per new patient!

FAQ: Google Ads for Dental Clinics

We ask all our partners for an initial commitment of 3 months. Your contract becomes month-to-month after that, which you can cancel at any time. With our strategic google ads campaigns, you will likely see results right away. As we continue to improve your dental clinics unique ads, you’ll continue to get better and more qualified new patient opportunities at a lower cost.

The amount of Google spend can vary wildly based on how competitive the environment is for your dental clinic. Once we sit down and discuss how our team can help with your clinics long-term success strategies we will , we’ll select the plan that fits best your goals. Our existing clients have monthly budget dedicated solely towards Google ads that range from $1500–$10,000.

Google Ads campaigns give you the ability to get your unique message across to potential patients. Our goal is to work with you to ensure that your message is spread to as many people as possible. We will help to track how they respond to that message and relay that information back to you.

We implement multiple ways to conversion tracking measures. From the moment potential patients click on your google ad, we will be able to see whether they take the next steps and want you to reach out to them to schedule an appointment and reaches your team.

We consider it a priority to ensure that your digital presence in in compliance to your regulatory college. We have spent years working with various dental associations. We are familiar with both jurisdictions that are highly limited and others that are “free markets.” We have been able to create pay-per-click campaigns for dental clinics that are both compliant and successful.

Our team has created hundreds of successful campaigns for all types of dental clinics. In addition to our industry knowledge with which campaign types are most successful, our team uses the latest tools to help provide insights and monitor your landing pages traction and success.

From initial ad click, until the patient takes action to schedule their appointment, we are able to see their activity on your dental website. We use this data to refine your campaign and improve the patient experience further.

Not only does our team have years of experience creating highly targeted dental clinic advertising campaigns, but we also sit down with you and make sure that you get the opportunity to have a say on the types of landing pages that we create.

During our initial setup stages, our team will sit down with you to figure out the highlights of your practice and how we can make you stand out compared to your competitors. 

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We understand what it takes to grow a dental practice as we’ve helped many dentists over the last 7 years. We know that there isn’t enough time in a day for you to do everything and manage your marketing the way it deserves. You need a dental marketing company that can give you an all-in-one solution to get new patients into your dental clinic. 

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