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We understand that building and managing a dental clinic is hard work. There isn’t enough time in a day for you to do everything and make sure that you get constant new patients.

With over 7 years of experience, Case is here to take your marketing reigns so there’s one less thing to worry about. 

Akaljot Dhillon

Akaljot Dhillon

Co-Founder and Director

Steven Iovan, Case Dentistry

Steven Iovan

Founder and Sales Director

Case Creative Director Mark

Mark Antturi

Creative Director

Victoria, Case Dentistry Project Manager

Victoria Oluwatosi

Project Manager

Brandon Demish

Content Creator

Mateo Montero, Case Dentistry

Mateo Montero

Lead Web Designer

Our Values

Our passion for marketing and advertising came from our curiosity. As business owners, we wanted to understand what the marketers we had hired were doing for our business. We realized that much of the marketers’ work was built off the processes and industries that were not applicable to dentists. We cut through the BS and developed our techniques that we tested in our own clinics. This passion and curiosity has allowed us to focus our marketing on those things that actually add value.


We are always on a mission to challenge the status quo and lead your competitors with cutting-edge strategies.


Marketing should make sense, thats why we don't complicate things.

Solution Oriented

We never lose sight of our focus on getting you new patients.

Growth Mindset

We've focus on allocating your marketing budget to the highest growth opportunities available.

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